The Top 4 Exterior Design Trends for 2017 & Beyond

The Top 4 Exterior Design Trends for 2017 & Beyond

07 June 2017

It often seems that architecture and design trends change as fast as the seasons, which makes keeping your exterior fresh and appealing a bit of a challenge, in terms of both time and cost. This is why it’s important to do your research from the start, using colours and materials that are not only durable, but adaptable. (And this goes for your garage door as well.)

Below is our pick of the exterior design trends for 2017 and beyond, taking into account the need for durability, longevity and adaptability, while ensuring your exterior always looks great.

1. A Mix of Old & New

Whether you’re buying a new house or refreshing your current home, one of the notable architectural trends is a move to a mix of old and new materials and styles. In fact, a hybrid style is emerging that combines historical references with contemporary designs—for example, a recycled timber fence in stark contrast with a modern townhouse; or in reverse, a sleek metal fence around an older-style bungalow. This trend is creeping into extensions as well, with some striking contemporary additions to older houses that contrast contemporary lines and materials with heritage brick or Federation woodwork. But before you go and order that picket fence for your modern home, do a bit of research. The key is in merging styles and materials that complement each other, rather than clash, and that will stand the test of time.

2. A World of Grey & White, With Splashes of Colour

In terms of exterior colours, shades of grey are now dominating, as opposed to the neutral tones that have been prevalent for a number of years now. Set against white window frames and charcoal guttering and doors, including garage doors, these shades of grey give a modern touch to any home, without being too extreme or ‘faddish’. Grey, after all, is a practical colour that stands the test of time and can always be updated by changing the colour of your trim, rather than re-painting the whole house. But don’t be hemmed in by the trend — a splash of colour on the front door, fence or window frames (or all three) is a great way to give your house a distinctive, personal touch without making it stand out too dramatically. But remember, a colour that looks perfect in the paint store can look a whole lot different on a wall, so make sure you do a patch test before you apply it to your exterior.

3. It’s All In the Materials

One of the best things about contemporary exterior design is the range of materials that are available and, if you source recycled materials, they don’t have to cost the earth. For 2017 and beyond, the use of stone, brick, wood and metal (often in combination) is becoming more predominant, highlighting natural tones, colours and textures. Timber, in particular, is being used as a warm contrast to concrete or painted brick, in fences, screens and garage doors. Pair timber with natural stone in light colours through to white, or with natural or painted brick, for an amazing layering of tones and textures which, combined with the right landscaping, will turn your exterior into something truly special.

4. Indoors Meets Outdoors

Outdoor rooms are an exterior element that has been trending for a while, but there seems to be no end to their popularity, for good reason. Breaking down the barrier between inside and outside means having a space that incorporates the best of both worlds, giving you a great place to entertain or relax while taking in the delights of your garden or deck. More and more, outdoor kitchens or lounge-rooms, or both, are factored into a new deck or patio, or retrofitted during a renovation. Think about what you want to do in your outside room and plan accordingly; if you’re not so much into entertaining but enjoy quiet evenings with the family in front of a fire, focus on the lounge-room element. If you’re a keen food gardener and cook, an outdoor kitchen surrounded by your herbs and vegetables might be just the thing. Whatever you decide, an outdoor room is a great addition to your exterior, adding something that is both functional and a distinct expression of your individual lifestyle. 

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