4 Good Reasons Why You Should Service Your Garage Door

4 Good Reasons Why You Should Service Your Garage Door

03 October 2016

It might be low on your list of things to do, but regularly servicing your garage door will save you time and money in the long-run. Read on for 4 good reasons why you should service your garage door.

1. Your garage door is the largest appliance in your home

Think about it — if your washing machine started screeching every time you washed a load, or your TV didn’t respond to the remote, you’d get them checked out by a professional, wouldn’t you. Well, as the largest appliance in your home, your garage door is owed the same respect.

2. Your garage door and access system is made up of multiple moving parts

Garage doors and automatic access systems are complex mechanisms made up of hinges, chains, springs, guide tracks, gears and cables. If any one of these components wears out or breaks down, the whole system can grind to a shuddering halt. This is not only frustrating but, if your door is not opening and closing properly, it can also be dangerous.

3. You use your garage door around 1500 times per year

More than likely, the only thing you use more than your car is your garage door. And given you service your car when it needs it, based on how much you use it, why wouldn’t you do the same for your garage door?

4. Your garage door protects your car and your family

One of the main reasons you have a garage door is to keep things secure, so if it’s not working, you’re risking the safety of your car and your family.

All of the above are compelling reasons you should service your garage door on a regular basis. And the fact that a properly maintained garage door can last between 10 – 20 years is just another reason to nip any problems in the bud.

To ensure your garage door performs at its best and to preserve its life and warranty, Best Doors recommend that it is professionally serviced every 12 months. Find out more about Best Doors expert garage door repairs & servicing here.

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