news for 27 September 2017 Blog - 27 September 2017

Save time & money with these 8 spring cleaning hacks

Spring is the season to clear out the cobwebs and get the house shining for the warmer months, but how many of us have the time to spend a couple of days cleaning? To get you motivated, here are our top 8 time and money saving spring cleaning hacks.

news for 15 August 2017 Blog - 15 August 2017

Top 5 Tips for Turning Your Garage Into a Man Cave

Once seen as a bit of a blokey escape from the domestic sphere, the man cave is now understood as something that is good for men’s mental health, providing them with a space either to be alone or spend time in the company of mates. Find out how to turn your garage into a man cave with these 5 easy tips.

news for 20 June 2017 Blog - 20 June 2017

5 Ways to Get the Kids Off the Screen Over the School Holidays

School holidays, in particular, can pose a real challenge in terms of finding things for kids to do that don’t cost the earth and that keep them away from their screens. To make life a bit easier for you these school holidays, we’ve come up with 5 ways to encourage your kids off their screens and out into the real world.

news for 7 June 2017 Blog - 7 June 2017

The Top 4 Exterior Design Trends for 2017 & Beyond

It often seems that architecture and design trends change as fast as the seasons, which makes keeping your exterior fresh and appealing a bit of a challenge, in terms of both time and cost. Here are our pick of the exterior design trends for 2017 and beyond, taking into account the need for durability, longevity and adaptability, while ensuring your exterior always looks great.

news for 5 May 2017 Blog - 5 May 2017

Our Top 4 Garage Storage Solutions for Awkward Items

We’ve all got them, those essential items that are so awkwardly shaped it’s impossible to know how to store them. To help you get your storage under control, we’ve done some research and come up with what we think are the top 5 solutions for those things that just won’t fit in a box or sit neatly on a shelf.