7 Garage Door Safety Tips

7 Garage Door Safety Tips

12 November 2015

Automatic garage doors are great. They make entering and exiting your garage easy and convenient. They also add to the look and feel of your home, while securing your garage and its contents. However, like all devices around the home, a little know-how and care is required in order to keep your garage door running smoothly and safely.

For this week’s blog we’re going to take a look at the top 7 tips for ensuring the safe operation of your garage door and automatic access system.

1. Choose a Pinchfree™ Design

When looking to install a new garage door, consider installing a garage door with a Pinchfree™ design, or the like.

Pinchfree™ is the name of B&D Doors’ distinctive and safe hinge design. Its unique reinforcing end caps and rolled over safety edges help to stop fingers getting caught in either side of your garage door. Additionally, in-line wheels and tracks that do not protrude from behind the door, help to reduce the chance of finger entrapment at the edges of the door. Pinchfree™ is available from B&D Door’s Panelift range.

2. Place Access Systems Out of Reach of Children

Children love to play, especially with remotes and buttons. Your automatic access system though isn’t a toy, and in the hands of children it can become dangerous. So it’s important to keep your remote out of children’s grasps at all times. And when installing a push-button wall control it’s best to install it at least five feet from the ground; this will help to keep controls out of kids’ reach.

It can also help to teach your young ones about using the garage door safely. And don’t forget to set a good example when using the garage door yourself, as children have a knack for picking up the habits of adults.

3. Have Your Garage Door Regularly Serviced

Your garage door and automatic access system is made up of a number of parts. Springs, guide tracks, hinges, cables, and more all have to work in tandem to ensure the smooth and safe operation of your garage door. Therefore, the best way to keep your garage door running safely is with regular maintenance and servicing, because even one worn or faulty part, can affect the overall performance of your garage door and automatic access system.

A regular service should include a visual inspection, testing of various parts, as well as checking of your system for proper lubrication and door balance. Servicing should take place annually.

4. Hire a Professional Service and Repair Technician

Your garage door and automatic access system uses a number of moving parts, as well as electricity. Because of this, do-it-yourself repairs or servicing can be very dangerous, and is highly advised against. So if your garage door requires repairs, or when it’s time for an annual service, make sure you hire a trusted and professional garage door technician. They’ll get the job done properly, and most importantly, safely.

5. Choose an Opener with Advanced Locking

Many modern garage door openers feature sophisticated locking mechanisms. For example the Gliderol Glidermatic GTS+ features advanced locking functionality to stop intruders from opening your garage door.

The Glidermatic’s locking system delivers over 16 million code combinations, so no one garage door can be opened by another (separate) opener. So would-be intruders cannot open your door, using another remote. The Gliderol Glidermatic GRD can also be customised with an intruder alarm.

6. Use an Automatic Timer

What happens if you’re in a hurry? You open your garage door, pull out into the driveway, check both ways along the street, turn onto the road, drive off… And forget to close your garage door. It happens. And should you leave your door open, well it’s a prime access point for intruders to gain access to your garage and home, unless you install an automatic timer.

An automatic timer can be programmed to shut your door after a couple of minutes, keeping your home safe and secure, even when you forget to shut your door.

7. Install Motion-Sensing Lighting

One of the best ways to prevent intruders or vandals from attempting to gain entry via your garage door is by installing motion-sensing lights. Should anyone approach your door at night, the lights will come on, alerting you and others along the street to their presence. Additionally, motion-sensing lights make coming home in the dark safer by automatically lighting your way in the dark.

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