A Guide To Australian Garage Door Sizes

01 July 2022
Whether you're in the market for a new garage door or looking to build a new garage, it’s essential to choose a garage door that is the right size to fit your space. 
To help, we’ve put together the complete guide to garage door sizes so that you can feel confident in choosing the right garage door for you. In this article we’ll be covering the sizes of single garage doors, double garage doors, roller doors, sectional doors and tilt doors. 
garage door measurements on paper




Choosing The Right Garage Door Size for You

Before choosing a garage door size, we recommend measuring the dimensions of your garage taking into consideration: 


  • Height and width of door opening to make sure that the garage door that you are installing is the correct size. 
  • Headroom is essential, particularly for garage doors with larger motors and mechanisms. Knowing the amount of headroom available can help you select which option is right for you.
  • Garage Depth is important to know so that you can assess how long the tracks for your garage door can be. 
  • Side Room is essential for the structural support of your garage. Single garages should have a minimum of 100mm on each side and double garages needing 250mm. 


While measuring the size of your garage, consider the way that you are planning to use any space in your garage for storage, workbenches etc and how this may impact your choice of garage door.  


Single Garage Door Sizes

Size: The Australian standard sizing for single garage doors is 2100mm high x 2400mm wide.


Consideration: It should be big enough to comfortably allow your vehicle to easily get in and out of your garage. If you drive a large 4x4 or SUV, you may want to consider a wide option for better accessibility. 


Double Garage Door Sizes

Size: The standard size of a double garage door in Australia is 2100mm high x 4800mm wide. 


Consideration: When choosing a double garage door, it is important to consider the space for installation. This means taking into account at least 120mm of side room from the garage to the corner of your house or shed and approximately 300mm of space at the top of your garage to allow for the installation of a motor. 


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Roller Door Sizes

Size: Roller doors can come in a variety of sizes ranging from both single and double garages. Best Doors offer a range of roller doors with sizes ranging from heights of 2100mm to 3000mm and widths of 1850mm to 5600mm. 


Consideration: Roller doors typically require more headroom to accommodate the rolling mechanism. We recommend a minimum of 450mm. 


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Sectional Garage Door Sizes

Size: We offer a range of sectional garage door sizes ranging from heights of 2100mm to 3000mm and widths of 1850mm to 5600mm. Gliderol offers special widths of 1751 to 650mm. 


Consideration: The size of sectional garage doors can also vary to accommodate both single and double garages. Consider your specific needs when making a decision. 

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Tilt Garage Door Sizes

Size: Tilt Garage Doors come in sizes ranging from heights of 2100mm to 3000mm and widths of 1850mm to 5600mm.


Consideration: When considering a tilt garage door, it is also important to take into account that the space in front of the garage door will also need to be clear to allow the door to open. 


At Best Doors, we understand that not all garages are created equal. We offer a range of sizes and options to fit any garage door space. If you’re unsure about what garage door size is best for you, contact one of our local garage door experts