Choosing a Garage Door — 5 Best Garage Door Types

25 June 2021


Choices, choices… when picking a garage door, you’re left with more than a few. From sectional to roller doors and classic timber to modern automatic, picking the right garage door for your home is crucial to getting the perfect blend between aesthetics and functionality. In this article, we’re going to walk you through the 5 most popular garage door types that we sell here at Best Doors, so you can make the right choice for your home.


5 main garage door types you need to consider

Read on as we break down the 5 main types of garage door, examining their key features, benefits and trusted brands to look out for when choosing the right one for your property.


1. Sectional and panel lift garage doors

What are they? As opposed to standard garage doors which fold upwards and outwards as one set piece, sectional garage doors move upwards and backwards below your garage ceiling.

These are also sometimes referred to as panel lift garage doors, owing to their segmented design separating them from the traditional single-sheet shape that most people are familiar with.


Key benefits:

  • Sectional garage doors use space efficiently, saving room both immediately in front of the garage and within it.
  • They’re highly customisable, adding value to your property and enhancing the overall appeal of your home.
  • Sectional garage doors can be hooked up to automated remotes.
  • They come with a strong bottom seal, offering reliable protection against the elements.


Trusted brands:


2. Roller garage doors

Similar to sectional garage doors, roller garage doors roll upwards to the roof of your garage. The key features of these doors are their durability, cost effectiveness and their flexibility as they compact and roll up into your roof space.


Key benefits:

  • Perfect for garages where headroom is in short supply
  • Leaves you with plenty of space in your ceiling for additional storage
  • Automated remotes can be added in with ease
  • Both insulated and non-insulated designs are available to protect against chillier climates.


Trusted brands:


3. COLORBOND® garage doors

COLORBOND® garage doors are the ideal choice for the proud homeowner looking to make a style statement.

With decades of manufacturing experience and a variety of paint colours to pick from, COLORBOND® garage doors offer an effortless balance between practicality and aesthetics.


Key benefits:

  • A broad colour palette helps you match your door to your home’s natural architecture and design.
  • Manufactured from premium COLORBOND® steel, giving a long-lasting performance.
  • A range of matte colours available to absorb light in sunnier areas.
  • Roofing and walling solutions also available, allowing you to easily expand on your new style.


Our most popular COLORBOND® garage doors


4. Timber garage doors

If you’re aiming for more of a classic style than contemporary, a timber garage door could be for you. Constructed from high-grade, attractive cedarwood, timber doors offer a timeless design that exudes class.


Key benefits:

  • Available in a variety of finishes to match your home’s exterior
  • Custom-built to your precise specifications
  • Resistant to cracks and dents, making them simple to maintain and easy to repair
  • Timber garage doors age, meaning they’ll look better as the years go on.


Trusted brands:

We don’t settle for second-best, and if you’re interested in a timber garage door, neither should you. That’s why we only stock Danmar, the gold standard in stylish, hard-wearing and long-lasting timber doors. Some of their most sought-after, premium designs include:


5. Automatic garage doors

Making use of a remote instead of a manual handle, automatic doors remove the hassle of having to leave your car to get your garage open.


Key benefits:

  • No remote, no entry — automated doors offer unparalleled safety that keeps unwanted intruders at bay.
  • Save time and money — automating your door is a low-cost garage addition that will save you time every day.


Trusted brands:

All of the brands we offer at Best Doors are fully customisable for automatic access. However, there are more options than the classic remote:

Got internal access to your garage? Merlin’s Wall-Mounted Wireless Button isn’t to be overlooked. Easy to set up and use, this handy tool gives you quick access to the outdoors.

Worried about losing your remote? Merlin’s Wireless Entry Keypad is another option to consider, granting you access to your garage after inputting an editable 4-digit security code.

Take your garage security to the next level with the B&D Smartphone Control Kit. Whether you’re home or away, B&D’s convenient app allows you to open, close and monitor your garage door, complete with notifications and a handy activity log for added security.


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