Preparing Your Garage for the Next Cyclone

14 October 2021

If you are living in an area that is susceptible to cyclones, it’s vital to know how to prepare your garage for extreme weather events. There are the steps you can take to prepare your garage for cyclones, however, having a garage door built to shield your belongings is ideal.

How should you prepare your garage door for high winds?

If your garage door isn’t yet properly equipped to withstand a cyclone, there are a few tips to minimise damage:

  • Clear away clutter that could potentially lead to harm
  • Seal cracks in door openings to stop leakage
  • Allow for adequate drainage and place sandbags where water may sneak in
  • Clear potentially hazardous tree branches that are close by
  • Perform regular garage maintenance

However, the best way to protect your garage is by selecting the right garage door storm shield for you. Cyclonic garage doors are independently tested for the ultimate endurance, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your garage when the time comes. 

Should you invest in a wind-resistant garage door?

If you’re residing in or your business is located in an area with a high potential for cyclone damage, properly securing your garage is essential. Investing in cyclone rated roller doors or garage door storm braces can save you paying for expensive damages down the line. 

Safeguard your garage from storms

If you’re considering upgrading to a cyclone-resistant garage door, our top product recommendations are a storm safe roller door or wind panel sectional door.

  • Gliderol Storm Safe System garage doors are designed for Australia’s most extreme weather conditions. These doors have been independently tested to offer top protection from Category 1 and 2 cyclonic wind regions and comply with the National Construction Code high wind requirements.
  • The B&D Windpanel Sectional Garage Door is suitable for all cyclone impacted regions of Australia. This sectional garage door offers maximum strength and durability to protect your home against the worst winds.

To learn more about our Storm Safe Roller Door, you can watch our short informational video here. Or, watch our educational video on the Storm Safe Sectional Door here.

How can I operate my automated cyclone rated garage door during electricity loss?

In the event that the power cuts out during a cyclone, you may need to manually open or close your automated garage door storm shield. You may be worried that this will cause damage to your garage door, so it’s important to understand how to safely do so. 

Start by pulling the emergency release cord, which is the red rope that hangs from the central system. For sectional doors, you may have to pull the cord at an angle and for rolling doors, simply pull the cord directly downwards. Once you hear a click, the door is safely disengaged. You can now roll the door up or down manually with ease. To re-engage your cyclonic garage door, pull the cord away from the door for sectional doors and pull it in the same downward direction for roller doors. Again, you’ll hear a click to signify engagement and you can return to electric usage.

Enjoy superior cyclone protection

Best Door Cyclonic Doors provide exceptional protection from cyclonic conditions. You can rely on our doors for superior durability in the event of extreme weather. We offer a range of cyclonic garage doors to suit you and your budget, call us on 1800 066 142 to find out more.