Should I Choose a Timber or Timber-Look Garage Door?

Should I Choose a Timber or Timber-Look Garage Door?

03 December 2015

So you’ve decided to install a new timber garage door. It’s a great choice! A natural wood finish is sure to add a touch of class to your home. And because it’s a new garage door it will come equipped with all the latest features. It’s going to be great.

Before you make the investment though, it’s worth taking some time to consider your options. Specifically, whether you should choose a timber or timber-look garage door. Both timber and timber-look doors offer a number of unique benefits. Based on your situation and what you’re looking for in a door, one or the other may be a more practical or even more cost-effective garage door solution.


Timber-Look Garage Doors are Low Maintenance

As the name suggests, timber-look garage doors look just like timber doors. However unlike timber doors they are constructed from synthetic materials and metal. For example the Gliderol Native Series of timber-look doors are constructed from hardy Colorbond® steel.

There are several key benefits to using Colorbond® steel as opposed to timber. For many, the biggest benefit is that, unlike timber, Colorbond® steel requires very little upkeep. It’s strong and hard-wearing, with no need for resealing or ongoing maintenance.


Timber Garage Doors are Made From Real Wood

Timber-look garage doors look great, they’re often more cost effective, and they require significantly less maintenance. However, for some homeowners there is simply no substitute for the natural look and feel of real wood timber.

Modern timber garage doors, such as those in the Danmar Classic Panel range, feature a sturdy solid frame made from red cedar wood. The wooden paneling (also constructed from red cedar) is available in fully sealed colours: walnut, Jarrah (rosewood), ebony, dark oak (hemlock), and clear. As well as oiled colours: sela brown, black ash, and clear oil.


Timber-Look Garage Doors are Often More Cost-Effective

One of the benefits of using alternative materials such as Colorbond® steel, is that it often lowers production costs. Lower production costs means a lesser retail price-tag for you, the consumer.

Timber-look paneling can be applied to a wide range of garage doors too. For a budget-friendly garage door solution, try adding timber look paneling to a door from the B&D Panelift range.


Timber Doors Can be Re-stained for a Home Refresh

Like to update the look of your home from time to time? One of the great things about timber garage doors is that if you decide you want to give your door a fresh look, you can. Choose a timber door from the Danmar Cedar Panel series, and when it comes time to re-stain your door (usually after a couple of years), simply choose a new, fresh finish.


Timber-Look Garage Doors are Termite & Rot Resistant

Because there’s no timber for the termites to get their nasty teeth into, timber-look garage doors are completely termite resistant. Timber-look doors also won’t rot, warp or split. They’re also generally made from non-combustible materials.

Because timber-look garage doors are made from hardy and long last materials, often the only maintenance required is the occasional wash with soap and water, as well as, like all doors, an annual service.


Timber Doors Are Made From Sustainable Materials

Red cedar is widely recognised as one of the best and most sustainable of building products. Its production requires less energy, meaning fewer greenhouse gases, as well as less water and air pollution. Red cedar is also a renewable and sustainable resource. Timber doors made from red cedar include doors in the Danmar Raised Panel, Louvre Panel, and Classic Panel series.

Whichever you choose, you’re sure to love your new garage door. If you’d like to find out more about timber and timber-look garage doors, get in touch with your local Best Doors garage door professional on 1800 066 142.

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