The Top 5 Emerging Home Design Trends

08 July 2021

Property in need of a refresh? Home exterior showing its old age? If so, a revamp might be on the cards, and with the popular styles emerging this year, there’s no better time to take the plunge.

Check out 2021’s 5 hottest design trends and get some much-needed inspiration for your redecoration plans.

  1. Wood is back in business

    Trust us, it’s everywhere! From pine to cedar and even cypress, we’re seeing wooden home designs crop up across the country. Wood ages well and offers a lot of flexibility in terms of size, shape and colour. From accent porches to wooden garage doors, wood is a strong choice for homeowners looking for a blend of visual appeal and durability.

  2. White paints and rich creams

    The right kinds of white and cream will never go out of fashion because they work so well with everything else. Combine with popular wood additions and you’ll have one dreamy exterior that screams “premium” - without the hefty price tag.

  3. Functional space is on the rise

    With the rapid increase in work-from-home jobs and people generally spending more time on their properties, there’s been a spike in interest for functional space. Need more room to get work done? Rework a walk-in wardrobe or under-stair cupboard into a cosy study nook. Looking for a little extra floor room in your garage? Consider a sectional garage door - the epitome of style and practicality.

  4. Save money (and the planet) with a wildflower lawn
    The uniformity of a full-grass lawn might look tidy, but it’s a little dull and it definitely isn't doing Mother Nature any favours! Save on your water bill and break the standard lawn norm with a wildflower garden. Cheap to set up and maintain, a wildflower lawn will add a burst of colour to your property and you’ll have a self-supporting ecosystem. All you need is a bag of wildflower seeds!

  5. Fibreglass Doors
    2021 design is all about being different. So why not break free from the wood-based norm with a fibreglass front door?

Not only will this help to add more light to your foyer, but you’ll also boost curb appeal and increase home value just in time for selling season!