Merlin SilentDrive Elite Automatic Opener MR855MyQ

The Merlin SilentDrive Elite MR855MyQ is a powerful and reliable rolling garage door opener designed to lift residential doors of up to 18sqm.

The powerful 24-volt DC motor includes a thermal overload function and is environmentally friendly, using less than 1 watt of electricity when in standby mode.

The Merlin SilentDrive Elite MR855MyQ is quiet in its operation due to a soft start and stop function and adaptive technology inside the silent drive.

This slimline motor includes a safety reversing system as standard and is backed by a 7-year/15,000 cycle warranty.


Compatible Remotes:

  • Merlin E960M   
  • Merlin E945M   
  • Merlin E950M   
  • Merlin E943M   
  • Merlin E940M   
  • Merlin E840M   
  • Merlin E138M