Merlin SilentDrive Elite MyQ

The Merlin SilentDrive Elite MyQ has the convenience of monitoring and controlling your garage door away from home.

The MyQ technology is accessible through your smartphone, tablet or computer and uses less than 1 watt of power in standby mode, meeting the world’s toughest energy standards.

The motor is quiet, powerful and built to last, with the strength to open any brand of residential garage door. Backed by a 7-year/15,000 cycle warranty, the Merlin SilentDrive Elite MyQ is the secure and safe access system your home needs.


Compatible Remotes:

  • Merlin E960M   
  • Merlin E945M   
  • Merlin E950M   
  • Merlin E943M   
  • Merlin E940M   
  • Merlin E840M   
  • Merlin E138M   
  • Merlin MyQ Gateway