Merlin SilentDrive Essential Automatic Opener MR655MyQ

The Merlin SilentDrive Essential MY655MyQ is a slimline roller door opener designed to lift single or double roller doors up to 16.5sqm.

With a powerful 24-volt DC motor that includes a thermal overload function, the Merlin SilentDrive Essential MY655MyQ uses less than 1 watt of electricity in standby mode and is super quiet in operation due to adaptive technology in the silent drive. This technology also means the opener adapts to naturally occurring changes in the door spring and hinge operation, such as the effects of weather and usage, ensuring the door remains reliable without time-consuming maintenance.

The Merlin SilentDrive Essential MY655MyQ includes a 5-year/10,000 cycle warranty.


Compatible Remotes:

  • Merlin E960M   
  • Merlin E945M   
  • Merlin E950M   
  • Merlin E943M   
  • Merlin E940M   
  • Merlin E840M   
  • Merlin E138M