Merlin Commander MyQ

The Merlin Commander MyQ allows for monitoring and controlling the operation of your garage door away from home. This advanced technology is provided through the MyQ app or on the Merlin website either from your smartphone, tablet or computer. With the variable speed feature, the MyQ automatically selects the speed opening and closing based on the size of the door.

Other features of the MyQ include a safety reversing system, ventilation mode to air out your garage when needed and bright LED lights. The MyQ also features Security+2.0 technology inside the remote which is designed to communicate on multiple frequencies, choosing the strongest frequency every time. Backed by a 7-year warranty, the Merlin Commander MyQ gives you the peace of mind that your garage door will work smoothly for many years to come.


Compatible Remotes:

  • Merlin E960M   
  • Merlin E945M   
  • Merlin E950M   
  • Merlin E943M   
  • Merlin E940M   
  • Merlin E840M   
  • Merlin E138M
  • Merlin MyQ Gateway