5 ways to get the kids off the screen over the school holidays

There’s plenty of evidence that shows that Australian kids are spending more and more time on screens, and, as a result, less time engaged in physical and creative pursuits. And we all know that monitoring and regulating kids’ screen time is a difficult task, especially if both parents work or you’re a single parent. School holidays, in particular, can pose a real challenge in terms of finding things for kids to do that don’t cost the earth and that keep them away from their screens.


The top 4 exterior design trends for 2017 & beyond

It often seems that architecture and design trends change as fast as the seasons, which makes keeping your exterior fresh and appealing a bit of a challenge, in terms of both time and cost. This is why it’s important to do your research from the start, using colours and materials that are not only durable, but adaptable. (And this goes for your garage door as well.)


Our top 4 garage storage solutions for awkward items

We’ve all got them, those essential items that are so awkwardly shaped it’s impossible to know how to store them. And for those of us who use the garage for storage, this can mean there’s always one corner (or more) that is a health hazard of jumbled scooters, bikes, rackets and snow or beach gear, to name just a few.

To help you get that corner of your garage under control, we’ve done some research and come up with what we think are the top 4 storage solutions for those things that just won’t fit in a box or sit neatly on a shelf.


Landscaping your garden to suit your life and your style

One of the most important things to think about when it comes to landscaping your front yard is that the plants and features you choose suit both your lifestyle and the style of your house. For example, if your house is modern, with clean lines and structured shapes, a garden full of vintage roses and flowering perennials is more than likely going to look a bit odd. And roses and perennials need a lot of attention, so if you haven’t got much time to spare, they’re probably not the plants for you.

In the following we set out some basic principles for planning your garden so you’ll end up with something that not only looks good but fits in with your life.