news for 13 February 2020 Blog - 13 February 2020

The Importance of Servicing Your Garage Door (1)

While it's easy to forget the importance of servicing your garage door, there are several benefits that a regular garage door service will provide. This blog will also outline the dangers of not servicing your garage door regularly.  

news for 16 January 2019 Blog - 16 January 2019

3 Interior Design Trends for 2019

Last year's interior design trends saw a shift from gloomy colours to bright colours in the home. The trends for 2019 are focused on bringing a pop of colour, texture and freshness to the home. If you're considering redecorating or renovating your living areas and kitchen, here are 3 interior design trends to factor in to your plans.

news for 13 November 2018 Blog - 13 November 2018

4 signs your garage door is in need of a service

Just like your car, a garage door needs regular servicing to ensure it is operating at its best, and ensuring the safety of your home, vehicles and family at all times. In the following post, we highlight four signs you should look out for that tell you your garage door is in need of a service.

news for 15 October 2018 Blog - 15 October 2018

8 spring cleaning tips for people with pets

Spring is a great time to tackle some of the bigger cleaning jobs around the house and garden, including getting your pets, their bedding, and various accessories ready for the onset of summer. Here are our top 8 spring cleaning tips for those of you who live with a four-legged friend or two, or three … or perhaps even more!

news for 13 September 2018 Blog - 13 September 2018

Choosing the right garage door opener for your needs

Finding the right garage door opener for your needs very much depends on the kind of garage door you have — whether it’s a roller, sectional or tilt door — and also on what features you require from your automatic opening system. In the following we discuss some of the many quality openers that we stock at Best Doors, and what kind of garage door they are designed to operate.