Choosing the Right Garage Door for Your House

Choosing the Right Garage Door for Your House

21 December 2016

Garage doors can be a significant part of the façade of your home, so as well as being functional they need to suit the style of your house and your preferences. They can even be a big investemtn decision when looking to increase the value of your home while looking to sell. It can be a surprisingly big decision. To help you out, we’ve highlighted some of the different types of doors you might consider:

1. Rolling Doors

These are the most common and classic. With good reason too: they’re economical and very functional. Made from corrugated steel they have strength without being thick, and take up a minimal amount of space to use and operate which is perfect for garages where space is at a premium. You can also drive right up to the door before opening sine they roll upwards.

Installation is speedy, it’s likely you won’t need to modify your garage at all, and these doors are easily automated. There’s plenty of reason why most Australian garages use a rolling door.


2. Sectional Doors

Sectional doors are a stylish and practical solution. Constructed from a series of panels, sectional doors allow a wide range of textures, finishes and colours – so your garage door can be sleek and discreet or striking and unique. This also means that the sections can be as wide as you need, so for generous garages they are an excellent choice.

Because sectional doors retract across your garage’s ceiling area it doesn’t require any space to be cleared to install and operate. These doors are also an advantage because sections can be replaced individually so it’s easier to maintain these doors and repair damage.


3. Wooden Doors

For houses that have a rustic or traditional style, timber doors can be an excellent choice. With a huge range of styles, the classic finish makes for a really robust but homely feel which offers a point of uniqueness. If you’re looking for an alternative to aluminium or stainless steel wood offers something robust for everyday use, while remaining pleasing to the eye. Depending on your garage you might find a tilt or sectional timber door more appropriate, while finishes can come in light, dark and natural to suit the façade of your home.


4. Cyclonic Doors

If you live in a cyclonic area these are a must. To comply with the National Construction Code for high wind requirements cyclonic doors must meet the Australian Standard 4505-2012 (AS4505-2012). Our doors are independently tested so that you can trust that they meet the standards to protect your garage and home.


5. Designer Doors

A full custom solution; tailored to your home, needs and preferences. If you have an unusual space to work with, this option means you can find a garage door that is as seamless and functional as possible. Or if your home is an extraordinary one, then perhaps it deserves an extraordinary garage too. Whether you want a combination of the doors mentioned here or something totally different, it’s just a matter of speaking to a garage door specialist and determining exactly what will work.

There are plenty of considerations to make when choosing your garage door. From the look of your house, to the space available, to the width of your garage, to the convenience of being able to drive right up to your door. Don’t let the door you use nearly every day be an after-thought. Make sure it fits your space, your preferences and your style.

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