Top 6 questions you should ask your garage door dealer

Top 6 questions you should ask your garage door dealer

16 January 2018

Buying a new garage door is a big decision, as a high quality and properly maintained door can last a long time. This is why you should do your research and, once you’ve narrowed down your options, ensure you get an ‘in person’ quote from a qualified dealer. This means your garage door opening is properly measured and assessed so you can be sure you’re getting a door that not only suits your style but fits properly in the available space.

Most importantly, ask the dealer these 6 questions before you make your choice. This way, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’ve got all the information you need to make the right decision and end up with a garage door that you’re happy with for many years to come.

1. Should we choose a timber, steel, aluminium or polycarbonate door?

Your dealer should talk you through the advantages and disadvantages of the available materials, including the differences in cost, and why one might be more appropriate to your style of house than another. After all, your garage door takes up a significant proportion of your home’s façade, so choosing a material that fits in with the overall aesthetic is crucial.

2. Do we need to install an insulated garage door?

These days, a number of recognised and trusted brands offer a range of insulated doors, which provide superior protection from heat, cold and noise. Whether an insulated door is right for you very much depends on your budget, the climate in which you live and how you use your garage. For example, if your garage doubles as a workspace or storage area, you may very well decide that an insulated door is the best option, ensuring that the atmosphere inside your garage is comfortable and that noise from inside the garage does not transfer to your house.

3. What colours are available?

Choice of colours is determined by the brand and kind of material you decide on for your door. For example, most steel roller doors are available in the full range of Colorbond® colours, while timber doors can be stained or painted in a colour of your choice. Things to think about when choosing a colour include the style of your house, the surrounding landscape and the climate you live in. You can read more about choosing the right colour for your garage door here.

4. Should we install a roller, sectional or tilt garage door?

Each type of door has its advantages and what you decide upon will boil down to the size of your garage, your budget, the style of your house and, to a large extent, personal preference. Talk to your dealer about the pros and cons of each type and what will work best for your space. Of course, if you live in a cyclone-prone area, you may want to opt for a cyclonic door, available in both roller and sectional models.

5. Can we install the garage door ourselves?

Short answer – ‘No’. In order for your garage door and automatic access system to be protected under their warranties, a qualified garage door technician must install your door.

6. What kind of maintenance & service schedule is required?

It’s recommended that you have your garage door professionally serviced every 12 months, to preserve its warranty and ensure the long life of the door and operating system. You should also clean your door at least once a year, with an optimum cleaning schedule at around four times a year. Check out our blog post on the Do’s & Don’ts of cleaning your garage door for some handy hints on what and what not to do.

Finally, always check to see if the dealer has a promotion running that you might be able to take advantage of, potentially reducing the overall cost of installing your new garage door or providing you with the opportunity to upgrade your access system with no extra outlay.

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