Danny & Irene win back their garage door - $2,500 won

Meet Danny and Irene, Best Doors happy customers and the winners of our recent Win Back Your Door competition. Danny had two great ideas for his Mum’s 80th birthday present.


He wanted to get her both a new garage door and a safety rail to help her safely walk at home. He was only able to afford one at the time though. He was very close to his Mum and her safety was important to him and he knew the current garage door was more than a simple door repair, he needed an automatic door so she could easily access her garage. Danny decided a new garage door was the best option for his Mum’s birthday.


So Danny went searching for a garage door in Adelaide for his Mum’s present. He wasn’t sure where to start, to help him decide what was best for his Mum, he checked out Australia’s best garage door brands and gave Best Doors a call.

Best Doors came out to replace the dated existing door with a modern new door.


When their new door was complete, Danny and Irene were delighted with the result.


Let’s fast forward a couple of months when Danny received a call to say he had won the ‘Win Back Your Garage Door’ competition and would be receiving a cheque for $2,500. He was thrilled!


He was now able to also get his Mum the walking rail, making Irene’s home safer for her to live in for many years to come.


We’re so happy for Danny and Irene!


We had hundreds of entrants this year that we want to send a big thank you to for participating in the competition. Want to know what our current promotion is? Find out here.


Before their garage door was replaced

After their garage door was replace